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Designing your new building the Butler Pre-Engineered way

At The Mullett Company we strive to give our customers a building that is both elegant and cost efficient.  Our long-standing experience in the commercial building industry as well as our partnership with Butler Manufacturing allows us to design and construct buildings that use superior engineering technology.

The Mullett company offers customers pre-engineered buildings that are thoroughly designed and tested at reduced costs verse conventional buildings.  In addition, other advantages of Butler pre-engineered designs result in, reduced cost of building, faster occupancy, economical maintenance, and long-term energy savings.

The Widespan Delta Joist and Landmark 2000 structural systems feature the latest benefits from the work of Butler's engineering team.  Self Storage building system is a cost effective quick to deploy solution for the self storage industry.  The MR-24 roof system is by far the most widely used in the industry.

The Widespan structural system is both our most basic and versatile way of construction.  The proven practicality of a rigid frame is combined with almost unlimited design flexibility to meet your needs. A variety of roof and wall systems are available, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your new building and budget.
The Delta Joist structural system provides an economical alternative to bar joist construction by combining the cost efficient use of materials with time and labor savings.  Delta joist uses a diaphragm bracing and is designed for load bearing or non-load bearing masonry or concrete wall projects. Pre-punching is the key element in assuring alignment of the structural system and performance of the standing seam roof system.  Joists are assembled with a specially designed Scrubolt fastener which installs quickly and is more reliable than field welding.
The Landmark 2000 structural system employs a special secondary truss that is exclusive to Butler.  The benefit of this system allows for the largest bay sizes in the industry.  The entire system was designed with flexibility in mind.  Bay sizes up to 60' may be specified in 6" increments.
Self Storage building system offers a wide selection of sizes and partition layouts for self-storage facilities.  Single, dual story climate controlled or non-climate controlled designs are available.   Interiors are designed to be high on flexibility and low on maintenance costs.  Because of the Butler self-storage building system's reduced on site construction time, you'll be open for business and renting sooner than with with conventional building methods.
The MR-24 roof system is the industry's most popular standing seam roof on the market, with independent surveys reporting over one billion square feet installed since 1969. Butler's exclusive double lock standing seam assures consistent weathertight performance. The MR-24 roof system is available with a 20 year warranty against perforation, and weathertightness.

To find out more about how we can incorporate Butler pre-engineered technology into your plans, call us at The Mullett Company at: (440) 564-9000 or email us at info@mullettco.com

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